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Technical Advisory Group Workshop
TAG You're IT: Technical Infrastructure In Open Source Communities
June 16th, 2021

Managing an open source project gives contributors the opportunity to make a positive impact on the global community. It also comes with the complexities of maintaining the infrastructure to support it. Join us as we collaborate on Open Source infrastructure processes and discuss strategies for making your journey as seamless as possible. Topics at the workshop will include security, production readiness, project marketing foundations, and Open Source tool evaluation.

Breakout Session 1:

11:40 AM

  • Breakout Room 1: Open Source Security
    Protecting your community from vulnerabilities is critical to your project's sustainability. We identify tools and best practices for open source security.
  • Breakout Room 2: Production Readiness: Planning for Success
    Building software for a global audience requires a good plan. This discussion shared ideas on what it takes to be ready for when your community grows! Marketing Metrics and Badging Initiatives Defining how badging initiatives can help promote marketing goals

Breakout Session 2:

1:05 PM

Workshop Guest Speakers

How to develop an open source mindset that enables greater impact
Nuritzi Sanchez

Nuritzi is a Sr. Open Source Program Manager at GitLab, Inc., where she leads the GitLab for Open Source program. Previously, Nuritzi helped start Endless, a company creating computers for users with little-to-no internet access, and she is a former Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the GNOME Foundation. Bringing a people-centric lens to all she does, Nuritzi aims to help open source projects thrive and help more people become contributors.

Nuritzi Sanchez
John Goghlan
John Coghlan

John's passion is building inclusive communities that help people love their work. This has taken him from managing large scale corporate volunteer projects at United Way of New York City to founding one of Brooklyn’s first coworking spaces to becoming a community professional with a focus on technology. Currently, he manages Developer Evangelism for GitLab.

Nuritzi & John's Combined Talk and Presentation:

A Backyard Jungle of Technical Debt
Christopher Litsinger

Christopher worked in various development and engineering roles before settling into roles focusing on the intersection of infrastructure and code. Then, after years of resisting suggestions that he try out management, Christopher agreed to take on a leadership role and quickly discovered that building teams is still building things. He's been focused on how to effectively lead engineering teams since. Christopher is currently Director, Software Development and Engineering at Comcast Cable.
Speaker Recording

Christopher Litsinger